Monday, February 12, 2018

Second Open Letter to Donald Trump...

So, I sent one e-mail to the Whitehouse and even published the text on this Blog.

And its getting a lot of attention, even sparked my own God Sisters to jump put and defend Ron Jennings, and Mary Jennings based on a small bit of currently proven false information, concerning someone claiming to be Mary Jennings son "Chris Jennings."

What they ingored was the fact, that (a) they admitted to a personal friendship with the Jennings family, (b) to social club interactions through the American Legion and (c) my own personally witnessing of corrupt and criminal behavior in the court room from former Magistrate Mary Jennings, in that she allowed Ashley Redden's mother to physically abuse/assault her to give false testimony. So why they trying to use one bit of false information to discredit everything I witnessed and can be proven with a transcript of case number: 08-MAP-4-H

False testimony and coercion admitted to by Ashley Redden admitted to on the stand before Judge Hutchinson, case number 08-MAP-4-H, and has been followed by repeated threats and harassment from the local police, following a long line harassment and attempts to conceal said case and admission by Ms. Redden of coercion.

Ultimately, boiling to this point along a series of events. In my first, Open Letter to Donald Trump I said, they falsified evidence based on information I withheld...

My computers were seized with a false search warrant signed by Magistrate Mary Jennings, using a witness who like my "siblings" claimed a certain amount of relationship with Mary Jennings. When proof was presented to Lt. Deeds from the office of professional standards, my complaint in regards to how the WVSP violated my rights and concerning evidence that the West Virginia State Police had evidence proving their "Witness" Thomas Keller, admitted on recording made by me to having been caught by me, recording child pornography...

Which he admitted to here, under oath during a interogatory in an unrelated civil case against my own land lord:

I also made a legal argument extendeding to the "fruit of the poisonous tree" docturine of the common law standard but, left out the existence of a "good faith exception." Meaning that any attempts to counter it would be addressed as anything but the claim of mistakes made in "good faith." This prompted to WVSP to violate the law and fabricate an arrest warrant against me, using my own legal argument in my complaint, layed a trap with a legal loop hole and all...

Said fabricated arrest warrant, included the mention of a second search warrant. This warrant was never supplied to me by the WV State Police or, the Raleigh County Prosecutors Office...

Allow me to first address that a copy of my arrest warrant must be supplied to me in one of three ways by WV code 62-1-4, WVC 62-1-5 & WVC 62-1-6 found on the state code site. Secondly, that it was never supplied to me & the Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp did in fact, state two things which are in violation of the arrest, before a sitting Judge, the Honourable Judge Kirkpatrick. These two statements were 1. That these was no mention of a second search warrant and 2. That the State Police did not a have a copy of evidence of contraband material for which I am claimed to illegally possess.

I represent a copy of the Arrest Warrant purchased by myself from the clerks office and I represent a video secretly recorded and published on YouTube of said court hearing...
Link here:
and here:
And the video is here:

Now, this is nothing as it allows me to, address the motive of the Prosecutor Kristen Keller to have fabricated evidence and the present law suit against her. As to cover all this up, the Prosecutor refused to take it to trial in accordance with the Rules of Court Procedure.

As, no evidence was ever produced but claimed to in the possession of the police when, they aquired the warrant. When I testified to this, Kristen Keller lied and falsified evidence to try to have me committed to deprive me of my right to due process. Instead she only provided me evidence she falsified court documents and evidence to conceal a prior pattern of abuses, false evidence and coercion leading back to the first hearing with Mary K. Jennings, which has no court record of the trial and, on appeal the witness Ashley Redden said she was coerced by her mother, Trooper Duckworth and prosecutor, before Judge Hutchinson.

The fact, remains that my first letter to you was meant to draw in the attention of others and prompt my "family" to highlight their involvement with these people, only goes to address depth of the corruption in the state of West Virginia. Furthermore, Kristen Keller's own actions in dismissing the Terrorist Threats case without trial has created a legal precedence in the Raleigh County courts for Resisting a False Arrest based on Bad Elk v. United States and has shown a pattern of impropriety and corruption in defense of corruption in the state.

Even my motion to Judge Berger where I accused her of violating Judicial Canon 1, and the dealing with an appearance of impropriety is seen by the sealing of documents, I wished attached, documents that were already publicly available on this blog and throughout the internet.
And Here:

Thus, by sealing those documents of evidence the judge provided grounds to be sued through the Federal government, Judicial Conduct & Disability through the US Court System:

My point being Sir, there is a long and tangled web of lies and deception. With my own, not being needed or fruitful without, the need to expose said corruption within the court system locally. That the transcript of 08-MAP-4-H showing that Hutchinson dismissed one count and that the reason for was the witness stated she was coerced...

So again, Mr. President, I am asking you to investigate the courts in Raleigh County and throughout West Virginia. Drain our swamp! Here is the full public access to the legal documents online and evidence of corruption.

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