Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Barron is running & Roley is silent...

Well this has turned into a fun little matter it seems Barron desperate to get out of fighting me is running and hiding like a little bitch... Not a frightened women but I mean like Jared running from his new foot long cock-meat sandwiches in prison running like a bitch...

It took only 6 hours after I first mentioned in comments on the Open Letter to Barron Shepherd blog if he really wanted to fight me, all he had to do was say so in Lexington Kentucky...

My statement below...
 Now if you read my words I said to Barron at 11:11am October 10th on the Comments in the Open Letter to Barron Shepherd blog that (as a prediction) Barron was trying to pretend like everything is suddenly finalized for our MMA match in Florida saying "The reality is however, I still have to get my physical and call the Beckley VAMC to set something up. Nothing has been finalized and your pretending it is, is just a way for you to claim I won't fight you." Which Barron does below in his own statements... I simply do not wish to full commit to something and then have to back out of it later, I would rather take the time to get my ducks in a row and go from there.

I went on to add "Still does nothing to get past the fact, I exposed you as a liar and an online tough guy. I mean if you really wanted to fight me, we are both going to be in Lexington Kentucky this weekend and aside from the two events there will be plenty of neutral ground out side our events."
I even added later in the same statement that "What you think calling you out was the point? No, exposing you was and you exposed yourself, your lies and your dementia..." All this was stated by my in my Open Letter to Barron Shepherd Blog to Barron Shepherd.

And Barron's statement on Don Roley's event page...
 Barron's statement from October 10th, at 18:20 (that's 4:20pm my civilian readers) Barron Shepherd makes the statement above saying "Sorry guys, I wanted to come but I do have something this weekend I should do. I have been holding out to give Ron Collins a chance to challenge me like he keeps saying. But say far, he will only do a sanctioned MMA match."

So never mind I mentioned the neutral ground outside our events, does the mention of neutral ground not imply we settle it in Kentucky? I believe it kind does & here a mere 6 hours and 9 minutes later is Barry backing out of going to Lexington...

Barron "Minded Bitch Titties" Shepherd, goes onto make more false claims saying "Well, I have set up a match on November 19th. So I am going to devote my time to that and bow out of the Kentucky seminar." So Barron won't come to the Kentucky Seminar of Don Roley because he is going to train to fight me in November? What the Hell? He bitched out and ran behind an MMA match that isn't even finalized 6 hours after I imply we settle this in Lexington Kentucky?
Barron's full page post above... as sent to me I have him blocked on Facebook so I don't track my stalkers but a friend was good enough to screenshot it for me. Yet back in March a person from the UK delivered a message from Don Roley and Barron already paid for everything.
 The full screen view & Don Roley's message as delivered by Ben Emberley...
Here Don Roley allegedly states: "As it turns out I (Don) will be teaching a Tantojutsu seminar in Kentucky in October, right across the border from West Virginia. I an told that it is only about an hour or two from where you (Ron) live.

Barron Shepherd is going to try to make it. So if you want to rumble with him, this is your chance."

Wow! Barron had been planning to attend this event back in March of this year (at least and spent money on it)... Roley goes on to say. allegedly "I don't expect you to show up, but since it will be so close and Barron is already paying to travel all the way up from Florida, it seems natural to invite you to come face him if he wants." Now Barron has spent money as far back as March on this event and then declines to attend only six hours after I imply we can settle this in Kentucky... hmmm...

Now if you examine the images, that is a whole 6 hours and 9 minutes to puss out from my response that "if he really wanted to fight me" we would be in Lexington Kentucky & there would be "plenty of neutral ground" between Roley's event and the Black Dragon Fighting Society events.

Having mentioned this Barron tucks tail and runs. His troll account defenders were quick to show that when I put my cards on the table I fell for Barron's trap... See I have him blocked on Facebook, so I wouldn't/couldn't see his bitching out, lying and trying harass me... and they knew I was going to mention Kentucky that's why Barron kept talking about an MMA match and avoided the implied resolution to our conflict in Kentucky... Doubt me? Think Barron didn't have to time to inform me of him not going to be in Lexington Kentucky, a whole 4 hours away?
October 10th at 3:07pm (1 hour and 13 minutes before Barron posted he was backing out of Lexington to fight me in November, which still hasn't been finalized)
Where I said :
"So allow me to address the MMA match... Mr. Berto gave me a list of things I needed to do. Including a physical examination which I have to schedule with the Beckley VAMC. That takes time and cannot be done until tomorrow. He has not contacted me since I contacted him. But, you want to make it about the MMA match which you know requires time to organize with Florida laws requiring physicals by the fighters as opposed to WV Code which provides the physical before the fight... After of I don't get everything done before the date you will claim I ducked the fight..."

Yet us, both being in Lexington as a solution to if we really want to fight is still hanging in the air... when I said earlier "I mean if you really wanted to fight me, we are both going to be in Lexington Kentucky this weekend and aside from the two events there will be plenty of neutral ground out side our events." and Barron never mentions the fight except in his statement on Don Roley's Event Page.

I wonder why he didn't mention Lexington after I brought it up... He points to pushing the MMA match back to December... But doesn't mention backing out of Lexington, ever. And Barron had fallen silent when I mentioned my intentions to fight him a day later on the 11th, in the Open Letter to Barron Shepherd blog... Not, Patrick Ferrari or the Troll Account Martin Blendswell. Oh none of them ever once said Barron dropped out until I posted the Lets Get Real Blog. But, just implying I would meet him there seems to have convinced him to tuck his dick in run in 6 hours and 9 minutes later...

Instead the troll account Martin Blendswell made the statement on my blog that Barron backed out of Lexington and claimed that I only posted my blog about this weekend after Barron backed out... Even then when addressing this on Facebook, a Facebook friend got me these screenshots of Don Roley's event page... Showing Barron's statements came before my blog saying lets settle it there.

With Barry claiming he has to not show up to fight me in Lexington, to train for not fighting me in Tampa... After I Implied we could throw down in Lexington 6 hours prior to, has caused Barron a sudden change of focus...

So Barron is once again proven a liar and a bitch. Patrick Ferrari wants me to challenge Don Roley... Barron does as well but Don is silent. Regardless...

Don Roley if you want to throw down the same thing applies... Plenty of neutral ground in Lexington and all you have to do is say "go..." when I said "ANYONE" I meant anyone...

But, you (Don) been largely silent on any of your intentions to fight. So I will leave it up to you in Kentucky, otherwise good luck with your seminar. Also Don if you would please try to convince Barron to make an appearance, I mean he already spend money on the event right? That's what you said? You did say that right?

Barron just for you buddy;
I screen shotted the side by side images of you ducking out 6 hours after, I implied we could settle this Kentucky. See I won't fight you at Don Roley's event but I will anywhere else and it have only been a few days since you backed out. So may be you can still make it...


  1. Sorry hobbit-boy. Can't lie your way out of this one. Everybody can see the real timeline of events at . Your new Internet nickname will be Ronnie "Dick-Tuck" Collins from now on! HAW HAW HAW HAW!


  2. And yet all anyone has to do is look at images one and three from the top and see that Barron backed out of Lexington only 6 hours and 9 minutes after I mentioned Lexington. Keep talking about dick tucking because thats all Barron is doing and I still have until November 19th to fight him.

  3. You fucking joke. Dick-tucker, we both know that Barron hates your guts and WANTS to fight you. He's been doing everything in his power to set up a fight so he can have the satisfaction of punching your tiny little hobbit face in inside the ring. That's what you said, over and over again, that you wanted, but when you had the chance, you dick-tucked like the dick-tucker you are.

    You and I both know that you won't fight Barron on the 19th. You won't ever show up to face him. You don't have what it takes to fight anyone, much less win against anyone. You're a pathetic loser, a dick-tucking coward who is so desperate for attention he pretends to own a friend's gun just to get people to notice him.

    Face it, Ron. This is going to die down because people are bored with your dick-tucking ass, and then you'll be all alone with your pretend business and your books that don't sell and your DVDs that no one wants and your dead YouTube channel and your aging mother. And when she dies of old age, you'll have nobody left to take care of you, and you'll be just another welfare case with nothing going on in his life.

    Why don't you just crawl into some hole and watch your hair continue to disappear in that bizarre penis configuration you've got going on your scalp? Nobody cares about you, and nobody is ever going to. The people you bitch about have lives, families, good jobs, and things going on in those lives.

    You'll never have that.

    You'll never have a real home. You'll never have a family. You'll never have a good job. You'll never hold a real martial arts rank. You'll never have a real school. You'll never be anybody but the town loser, and everybody in Beckley knows it. I laughed out loud when you described yourself as a local hero. That's not we think of you here in Beckley, not even close. Everyone I've ever talked to here about you describes you as the local joke.

    So keep tucking that dick, Ronnie. Tuck it! TUCK IT!

  4. Wait Ron, wait. You have pretty much done as I hoped. Once I arrive in Lexington, you will taste true humiliation.

    1. What did you hope I was going to do... Show at your event and challenge you there? Don you've told the same lies as Barron and I have no issue fighting you. Thing you're a "legitimate" 15 Dan in the Bujinkan and if you beat my ass so what I'm a "fraud" right? But, if I get in at least one good shot being someone you claim "has no training" you look pathetic. Now like I said all anyone has to do is step up. I meant that anyone... So it's on you to step up.

      And frankly, I get props for fighting you win or lose. But, you... You can't afford to lose and if you are just as willing to lose and face jail to issue that challenge so am I.

      Thing is... I have nothing to lose by fighting you and, win or lose this going to be fun...

    2. That sounds like false Bravado. We both know you won't bow onto any mats don is teaching on and we both know that you certainly won;t approach him in a manner that enables him to defend himself legally. More kuchi-waza from the trailer park.

  5. May be it is & may be it isn't... I stated the terms if ANYONE wants to step up all they have to do is say so. See Patrick many of us online have a way of dealing with the infamous "online challenge" and your boy friend Phil Elmore is to claim to fight unfairly and set rediculous stakes... Mine is tell anyone who lauches an online challenge to challenge me to my face...

    If Dopn Roley is too big a pussy to challenge me to my face, call me out as a mutually agreed on fight... Well, yeah I said it. You trying to get me to say or approach Don Roley in a manner that lets him miss jail time and hide behind the law is cute but something I already predicted...

    Predicted it exactly 1 hour and 21 minutes before you made this comment... And best of all your fat bitch ass posted it on this blog post knowing that I basically took your little conspiracies plan to set me up for getting arrested rather then actually fighting me.

    If I were say see Don Roley at Denny's and yell across the restaurant "Hey Don! Anytime you want to go out in the parking lot and fight let me know..." Don accepting the fight would be an admission of a mutually agreed on combat. If Don Roley were walk up to me and say "Ron lets settle this outside." without my provocation, would likewise be an admission of a mutually agreed on combat by both my public statements in my blog and my walking outside or visa versa.

    And well, your comments makes you seem to be the proxy of Don Roley granting him a excuse to claim he wasn't involved. It also makes it look like I was right in the link above and no is going to do anything...

    I mean even if we go by the time on the images... I added them later. That is still, 9:32 and you prove my point completely. Thanks for that...

  6. I just wanted to let you gentleman know that everything is in place and ready and local assets have been secured.

  7. Sounds important... Like Bullshit!