Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's all about Spin...

So it's all about Spin... We've all seen the video, Don Roley punked me... I am a pussy, I admit it. If you don't like me stop reading now.

Well I predicted Don Roley would bitch out and try to make a show out of calling me out. I did have a plan... That plan was to enjoy myself, if Don Roley had the "nuts and bolts" to actually challenge me to a fight. Show up and fight...

Course I am going to fight on my terms. Which means I would have waited until, Sunday and let him finish his seminar and challenged him to fight me in the street.

Wait... Wait... Ron you just said you were going to challenge Don Roley? Yes... I said I would answer Anyone's challenge. Don Roley didn't challenge me to a fight. He challenged me to challenge him. Yes, it is as bitchy-little-girl-stupid-punk bull shit as that.

Don Roley's Challenge Video:
Note to Don Roley: If you take this down I just upload it on my own in 20 different places...

That's being a bitch, call it what you like. So I planned to show up alone and record me standing on the other side of the road and challenge Don Roley to cross said road and fight me. If he did cool and if he didn't (he wasn't going to) I was gonna jump to Triple Dog Daring him on his Mother's grave infinity times infinity, squared by infinity, by the infinity of infinity until infinity.

Yes... These are the antics of grown men. And I apologize for being involved now. Well anyway... Someone else who shall remain nameless and Steven Day, only named because he was there, wanted to straighten Roley out. I overheard the talk of the video at lunch (my phone was dead I left my charger in West Virginia) and didn't get the full story because me and Grandmaster Soto were discussing how we might have put too much spice in our Mongolian Stirfry. I said "if he (Steven Day) is going I was going as well," since the challenge to, challenge Roley, by Roley was leveled at me. There is a Long Game element to this that wasn't fully explained because certain people want quick answers and don't realize there isn't any.

So we showed up and my impromptu plan was to just kick Roley's ass, or get my ass kicked if he had the ability. Once Steven Day started talking to Roley and agreed to let the cameras start rolling I knew we were hit. Don is not a stupid person when it comes to manipulating people and certain people allowed themselves to be manipulated. So I agreed to fight Roley and backed out. Well... There you go i am bitch... Don Roley proved it. You can stop reading now...

Nevermind that this type of 2nd grade play ground antics could have put students and those attending in danger of physical harm. Never mind that the example put forth by Don Roley isn't that of an experienced martial artist or even an adult male when you see his challenge video. It is the example of a grown man and a martial arts instructor acting like a child. An example which is below his position or should be.

No... No... Let's ignore that part. Because this gets to a very simple truth. Me and Roley hate each other... But, why?

1. I disproved his Koga Ryu is Dead article, with his own article... Using Seiko Fujita's own translation Ninjutsu was the product of families and not schools. So then how does Togakure Ryu Ninpo become a Ninja Martial Art that claims to be the source of all martial arts and ninjutsu in Japan? This also comes to reference the Bansenshukai where it says the Higher Skilled ninja should learn the ways of the "lesser people." This is because you can have a School of Warfare (martial arts) and the "Ninjutsu" (invisible arts as in Clandestine Sciences) of the Samurai who are acting as Generals & command staff deals more with politics and psychological manipulation. Where the "ninjutsu" of the conscripted Ashigaru of the Sengaku period might be based on the every day skills of the conscripts. A black smith who makes locks might have expert skills at picking locks and burglary, a criminal of course would have skills at burglary anyway, a person who hunts might have skills based on camouflage and stalking their prey, a prostitute might have their tricks for getting people to become comfortable and talk too much etc. etc.

So a peasant trained in the martial arts of the "Hidden Leaf" school (yes, I made a Naruto reference) of martial arts might have their own individual methods So how did a Ninja School exist before even martial arts became divided into individual schools (Dr. Karl Friday's argument as well). Koga Ryu is not a specific school but a historical term for any school of thought originating from the area of Koga Japan. This means the 53 families which controlled the Koga Area has other families under them in feudal structure each with it own "hidden" or "invisible arts." So Koga Ryu schools may be alive...

The fact is the Bujinkan wants to downplay any challenge to the Bujinkan claim of being the only source of ninjutsu despite the fact that ninjutsu was never claimed until the ninja boom of the 60s in Japan and much of the work in the Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu demonstrated is found in older, but publicly accessible Japanese documents. Basically the Bujinkan guys like Roley attack other claims on Ninjutsu because they want to be the only source of ninjutsu.

2. I answered his "internet challenge" with "Come say it to my face." When people want to argue lineage or what not fine, if I don't want to argue they make threats or try to influence your business in a negative way. Which leads to a "come fight me" internet challenge. So to prove himself, he challenged me to challenge him via Youtube, in 2016. So yeah... Don Roley is a bitch and I should have beat his ass, coz I could... And Would have but for the cameras and Steven Day's statement that he was representing the BDFS.

3. Roley was just trying to set me up to get arrested. During my legal issues Don Roley, Phil Elmore and Barron Shepherd all had a hand in trying to "help me" lose my case. Not to mention interfering with seminars and such that I was holding.

When I didn't they have tried to slander my name publicly. See the Trenton D Smith guy is a former Dux student who stole Dux's Instructor's Manual and is trying to play it off as his own material. Anyway, while trying to play the double agent Russell (Mr. Smith's real name) aquired some legal information which would bring down all three in a lawsuit.

However, under RICO we can go after their biggest supporters as well The Bujinkan, Paladin Press and Omega publishing, doubt I would win but just the implication would cost thousands in legal fees and be cheaper to settle out of court (if I was interested in money & just the establishing the stigma of such behavior coming back at the big organizations). Little troll disciples of people like Don Roley such Dean would also go down as well. Because they are relying on the slander of Roley without examining the evidence put forth by me, as if it gospel. And I have disproven many of these arguments before and don't need to prove I am not a pedophile because I have already done so and people only want to believe what is comfortable to them. This is especially true when someone starts exposing your fraudulent lineage as you do others...

This leads to point 4...

4. Since these clowns already know me suing them is going to happen, eventually. That they are hit and proven liars and criminals exercising unfair and illegal business practices. Their creditability goes down the tubes and all their hard work with it. They can go down on a sinking ship... But, they also become toxic to their organizations and business associates others will distance themselves from them and, some have already. They state open lies about me and others because they are going to be proven liable for slander, defamation and libel... So why not amp it up & do as much damage as possible seems to be their philosophy.

So what Don Roley, wants is something to go after the BDFS over. That's why he included them in his juvenile challenge to me, as bait. And that's why I backed out... I survived fighting a corrupt court system and corrupt cops. I am still writing books and now producing a video course in Black Dragon Ninjitsu and Starting a new organization, a secret society of sorts, the American Kokuryukai (membership is by invitation only). They didn't stop and can't stop me unless they invent some reason to get me locked up or send Roley and his "gang of ninja assassins" to my house (it is ok, I have an invisible anti-ninja force field (jk)... That's why Ashida doesn't visit me (more joking). You can basically, tell he is a bitch by his challenge, which is why he calls it my "threat."

All about spin and lies...

Now for the Long Game:
In fact, Don Roley's main purpose is to attack and discredit any organization or system claiming ninjutsu. This calls into question whether such directives come from Hatsumi amd the Bujinkan directly or if it is Don Roley's own ideas. However, it doesn't take much to look at the attack on Ashida Kim in Mind of the Ninja, which reveals the Bujinkan's cultist attitudes & doctrine pretty well. He will attack the BDFS because it contains schools of ninjutsu which compete with the Bujinkan. That's why Don Roley claims he has standards that we must be like the Bujinkan. This is also why you don't see this as much with members of the other x-kans as you do with the Bujinkan. This just gets into my own personal belief or, "conspiracy theory" if you will, that the Bujinkan encourages this attitude and the harassment and threats that lead to Dan Harmon's death. I mean Don Roley did hold a seminar across the street from Harmon's own home and we don't know if he made threats to Harmon outside with an apparent "gang of ninja." To harass someone with mental health issues. Hey Don claims I have mental health issues and challenged me to challenge him, seems like their is a pattern here.

You hear a lot of talk about Warriorship and how warriors fight. I've even said it myself. Warriors have many virtues courage, honor and honesty are often the most cited. However, in the modern age we also forget Duty. Duty is the why the Warrior fights.

What is my duty as a member of the BDFS? What is my duty as a teacher and instructor? What is my duty as a grown ass man with common sense?

There are many answers but, one of my duties is act like an adult and not bring shame on myself or those represent. If I would have fought Roley representing the BDFS i did so in violation of Kentucky laws simply by coming there. Which it appears we were all there presenting the BDFS and I was there representing myself. He wanted me to say on camera that "I wanted to challenge him" so he could bring shame on the BDFS in the form of a lawsuit because I am going to do so to him. Because Don Roley has brought shame to himself and the Bujinkan, by lying and playing these childish games...

Oh... Special side note to Steven Day... Thank you, for pushing me back and trying to talk it out. Even though you kinda fell for Roley's trap, you saved me some jail time and a lot of personal shame.

To Don Roley... See you in court cupcake... I still gotta deal with Barron. I'm not disrupting his seminar and it will be perfectly legal to kick his ass... I am also taking bets... 2 to 1 odds he drops out and/or sends in a ringer. Who wants in? (Of course we can't actually bet money as that would be illegal... ;) )

To Barron, we will have to push the cage fight/MMA match back to December. Sorry, I know you were looking forward to it but the VA couldn't get me in until the first week of December and have to be in court over a speeding ticket on my way to Kentucky on November 15th. You can see why I don't want to agree to an event until I know for a fact I will be there now right?

 From my understanding, off the word of some of the Grandmasters who know you, you ain't a fighter and will run 9 out 10 times. Back you into a corner and you got some hands. So after seeing Roley in person I am glad I didn't waste my time but, you are the heavy of the trio (fat jokes against Phil and Patrick not intended, I mean otherwise I would call them the heavies) and I am going do my best to be in Florida. I will even give you the benefit of the doubt, that you didn't puss out that may be the Cage Fight is Blan B, bait to get me to Florida to set me up if Don couldn't get me arrested in Kentucky... but I am hoping you fight me.

My Thoughts on the Event:

Raw Footage of the Event:

See in the end all that matters it that I know what happened before the cameras started rolling & so does Don Roley... Oh be watch Don's face he isn't showing any of the physical signs of the emotions be pretending to express, this just shows he has had acting lessons.

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