Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Don Roley: Character Assassin or Mentally Ill...

So there is a good bit of debate and back and forth online over the events in Lexington, Kentucky when members of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, including myself, confronted Don Roley at his Tanto-jutsu seminar.

While again I point out that this whole affair was someone else's idea, after seeing Roley's online challenge to me. After all I did say back in April of this year that I wouldn't come to Roley's seminar and that if he wanted to fight me we could meet a neutral grounds.

So one BDFS member fires up another BDFS member to confront Roley and challenge him. Others myself included went along and we all seen the video of me "bitching out."

However, in the video showing the raw footage comments by various Bujinkan cultists and online martial arts trolls have sparked some interesting results. Don Roley's own statements condemn him as a fraud (least) in regards to fraud busting since they prove he is a liar. Now i may be a bit harsh here because Don Roley seems a bit mentally ill as well...

Now here is a response I made to Ninja of Yore in regards to their asking about the disposition of my Sexual Assault case. I never had a sexual assault case... Ever. I did admit to having the claim of possession of child pornography which horrid in it's own right. However,  that was thrown out when the police failed to show any evidence that I possessed any such things.

If we look at the arrest warrant in that case it makes some interesting statements... 1. That police had to get a second search warrant for the porn, after taking the computers on a terrorist search warrant. 2. That a copy of files were given to the arresting officer. Yet nothing was turned over in discovery and the case was dropped.

Now imagine if this were something less hanus like a drug possession charge... Can you imagine cops planting drugs on someone or arresting them for possession of a drug with any proof? That is exactly what happened to me but, instead of drugs they picked something that most people would convict you for on the mere accusation of wrong doing. Why? Because it is such a horrid crime and because I would be "convicted"  in the minds of most people without a thought for facts or truth.
Now you can see I was pretty open about accusations and things I have been charged with. I even stated this accusation of "rape" came up in a WOAY story but says I was charged with Stalking and Assault. The rape claim came up after Ashley Redden was caught lying at the trial.

Now we see Don Roley's threats of slander and libel, his ignoring facts and claims to know I am guilty because of OJ Simpson. When asked how i cam be guilty of a crime i was never charged with or of a crimes 12 jurors found me not guilty of he went full on bat-stupid and denied reality.

Now this follows up where my comments to Ninja of Yore left off with Don Roley starting his diatribe. It is important to realize just as I said in my own comments to Ninja of Yore most people who convict you on the mere accusation are trying to hide something themselves, usually something illegal.

I will just let you continue to read the conversation between me and Roley, below. Two questions Don Roley avoided answering...
1. How does he know I am guilty of a crime I was never charged with and/or crimes i 12 jurors who sat listening to the evidence found me Not Guilty of?
2. How can he explain why I said I wouldn't go to his seminar to fight him but would meet him on neutral ground and yet did that which I said i wouldn't do in October?
So how Don Roley know I am guilty of a crime I have not been charged with? Ninja Magic?  Mental illness?  Character Assassination?  O. J. Simpson? I will let you decide...

More importantly, Don Roley's magical telepathic powers are guiding him to slander my name by his own admission. He knows I am guilty because why? I don't hide accusations thrown at me and seek to defend my name? Because I called him out for deflecting the truth, that produced this response first thing this morning.

 And you can see that Dai White is deflecting for Roley right after I point out how worthless Roley's stance is.
And here is Don Roley's "revenge" stating at how I am at fault for his slander against the Black Dragon Fighting Society... Of course this is a pattern of behavior I saw coming and one I have already stated in my blog.

Ultimately,  the only thing that is amusing is that he is doing as I have predicted. Perhaps I am "ninja mind controlling" him to do this... Oh wait, it doesn't benefit me. More importantly it is a sad and pathetic maneuver by Roley. Since it is his only recourse brought on the Lexington events.

Even more amusing is that Don Roley has already launched a series of attacks against the BDFS by attacking Ashida Kim, Frank Dux, Irving Soto and others in his blogs... So now he wants to shift blame for this on me because I said he proved himself a liar and a fraud? To say the least this is entertaining...

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