Monday, October 3, 2016

As Kentucky draws near...

As the Black Dragon Fighting Society event in Lexington Kentucky draws near... The fools come out to play. I have been holding onto this little gem until the time was right. I wrote a series of blogs addressing the attempts by Phil Elmore, Barron Shepherd and Don Roley (all slanderous little online punks) to cover for Barron claiming to accept a challenge from me and then backing out... (because a secret Blood Sport style Kumite death match is so much more realistic then a sanctioned MMA event) all to try to have me arrested in Florida with Barry claiming I threatened him.

Here is the Previous Blogs for historical information;
What got it all started, I proved Barron Shepherd was a liar who is trying to disparage my character and defame me because of some words we had over the internet back in 2009. In addressing those lies I posted this blog: Barron Shepard: Proven a Liar & Slander...
And trying to hide behind his fellow liar and fraud Don Roley, I addressed how Don Roley was just as guilty of making fraudulent statements and slandering a person's name when I posted When YOU ARE Proven a Liar... (get your friends to lye for you). This resulted into me demonstrating how weak Barron Shepherd is that his mind seeks out ways to entrap you rather then confront you, unless he is behind a computer... This is also were I openly challenged Barron Shepherd to set a MMA event on mutually neutral territory and fight me like a man on Scared Little Internet Trolls & Way Martial Arts Suck. There was some more crying the bitching out by Barry so I posted Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons: Barron's Bitching Out from Stepping into a Cage with me on February 3rd 2016. What followed was Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 2: The Return of the Internet Bitches' Spin. Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 2 is very important because I posted copies of a conversation with Phil Elmore using the troll account Mraymond Locktools trying to set up a "secret unsanctioned competition" in Florida... images are available at the link provided. Keep that in mind because, I have proof Phil Elmore was pretending to be Mraymond Locktools to try to have me arrested for fighting Barron or some other BS charge in Florida, where Barron Shepherd claims to be a reserve police officer. Regardless May 11th Phil Elmore responded as Mraymond Locktools and admitted to being Phil Elmore... Apparently his fear is that I might have an "inside man" in his online circle jerk of friends.

Regardless this is 3 months after the Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons chain of events. Following calling out Phil Elmore's conspiring with Barron Shepherd to set me up I decided to draw them out online and get Barron to admit to signing up for the event he only had to options; say he signed up or not. If he said he signed up he'd either be lying or not... If he was lying (he was) I would be able to prove it and if not cool we'd fight like men in a cage, this lead to Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3: Still Playing Games but No One is Stepping up. And it did... but what is even more important is how Don Roley, Barron and Phil claimed I never contacted Chris Smith of Ruckus in the Cage to set up my own event for me and Barron since Phil and Barry wanted to get me to fight an unsanctioned street brawl in Florida.
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 4: The Trap is Sprung & I Lied, is were I revealed a small falsehood told to Barron that is a reflection of Florida state law and how it differs from West Virginia State Law. In Florida fighters must pay for a physical, in West Virginia fighters only get a physical before the event and the same physician who clears them is responsible for their safety and care during and after the fight. My little lie, proved Barron Shepherd lied and ducked out of fighting, tried to set me up for legal issues with the aid of Phil Elmore & Don Roley. So I lied to prove Barron Shepherd lied about fighting me... Yes, yes, that does make him look like scared lil bitch & the A-cups don't help either.

So in proving that Barron Shepherd was a liar and a coward too scared to fight me, multiple times not only lying about signing up to fight but my own history and criminal record... Well Much like with When YOU Get Proven a Liar, Barron turns to Don Roley for justification of his lies... This prompted Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 5: Don Roley... Trying to Change the Narrative. Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 5 is where Don Roley tried to "attack my lineage" by adding me to a group without my permission and claiming I had to answer his questions. Since Melvin Williams acted with respect I was more then willing to share information with him but he never followed up on my offer...
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 6: Internet Trolls & BSMA is where I addressed how Hatsumi inspires his Bujinkan members to attack other arts and how Soke is not martial arts title but an older term associated with iemoto systems family trades within certain areas and how Hatsumi is seeking to claim to the sole source of "ninjutsu" by claiming this title. Thus the reason Hatsumi and the Bujin-cult support cowards like Don Roley and Barron Shepherd.

So after hitting the nail on the head, Don Roley offers for me to come to Kentucky in October via Facebook to fight Barron Shepherd at a Tantojutsu Seminar he is teaching. In Lexington Kentucky (where the BDFS event is being held) and on the same dates... How suspicious... So lets be clear, go to a Bujinkan event were all the witnesses are associated with Barron Shepherd & Don Roley just to get attacked or accused for some crime (these pussies have got involved in my court cases before and tried to 'help' get me convicted) or go to a BDFS event were I am a member and the other people attending are associated with me (yeah that's what I am going to do). So Barry & Donny are going to have to initiate a conflict somewhere other then their own little event. This was covered in Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 7: Ruckus in the Cage Tomorrow Will Barron Show or No? but "7" was posted on 3/3/16 and this was covered on the updates from the day of the Ruckus in the Cage event 3/4/16.

On April 10th 2016 I posted Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 8: When You Bitch Out & Everyone Knows It...  Demonstrating the use of troll accounts and trash talking to spread lies and slander. What gets even better is that 7 days after the Ruckus in the Cage that never happened, "Mraymond" Elmore admits to being Locktools and in so doing proves all my accusations about fat Phil, Barry "bitch tits" and Roley-Poley conspiring to slander my name and even entrap me in legal troubles to silence me when I point out they are liars, slanderers and frauds in their own right...

So here we are 10/3/2016 with the BDFS event coming up... And Don Roley's Tantojutsu event in Lexington Kentucky. Which will I attend the one with my own Fraternal Order & what about Barron Shepherd or Don Roley. They are of no consequence to me, I wanted to fight Barron Shepherd in a sanctioned event in a Cage. I didn't get what I wanted...

However, in playing the online mind games I posted this picture for my Facebook profile; well the meme I made with the image.
And as I explained to Phil Elmore's troll account on this very blog in And the Trolls took the Bait. It would be illegal for me to even hold this weapon is I were a prohibited person as they claim, another lie. So why now to pose with a gun on the internet? Well, part of it is proving that they were lying (again) but another part of it is quite simply this, posing with the gun is a violation of the law if I were a prohibited person this proves enough in that either a) I am in jail or b) I am not... It is on them to prove their claims, and they have been proven liars already.

So lets see who is going to do what in Lexington, I am going to enjoy the company of my BDFS family and if anyone wants to fight they know where to find me. Course coming to fight me "in my own yard" is a "legal no, no..." What to be a bad ass and prove yourself in the street do with the risk of facing jail time yourselves not hiding behind legalities like scared little children behind their parents.


  1. Dummy, there's a picture of Mike Raymond and Phil Elmore on Phil's Facebook page. It's literally impossible for them to be the same person. You just got pwned, hobbit-boy.

  2. Yes... Like how Barron got pwned when you didn't show up to the event and got caught lying when you said you had to have a physical but, all it took as a 5 minute Google search to look up WV code 29-5A-18 where you will learn the physical is conducted prior to the fight (you don't pay for any physical). And that he actually lied about signing up for the event. Or how he, Don Roley and Phil were all caught lying that never spoke with Chris Smith. Just like you have now admitted that Mike Raymond (if that is him in the images you claim exists, I don't know I don't stalk Phil and you obviously aren't using your real name because you have something to hide.) is associated with Phil Elmore and further a example of said conspiracy to defame me and defend Barron, Phil and Don for being liars and for being a bitches hiding behind keyboards... lol

    Wow... So if I am to get you straight Mike Raymond exists and is a real person, he is friends with (or associated with) Phil Elmore and was trying to get me to come to Florida to fight Barron Shepherd in an unsanctioned match. All you did was basically confirm the attempts to have me set up and demonstrate that Phil uses proxies to do so... You basically pwned yourself and threw them under the bus.

    If you are to be believed... that is.

  3. What Ron is so conveniently leaving out is that after he said he was coming to Winter haven he was INVITED by me to come to my dojo. Even offered to take care of the travel arrangements.

    Ron you were INVITED to come to my dojo. YOU HAD MY PERMISSION IT WAS GIVEN ONLINE. You still are.

  4. Ron will never fight you, Barron. He is a deluded coward with no training and no legitimate credentials of any kind. He is such a coward he will not approve this, because he is afraid of criticism. Ron has lost every fight he has ever been in. It is why he has to pretend to own a gun to get attention, and why no one buys his terrible books or his worse DVDs. Ron Collins will always have to pretend to be someone. He will never fight anyone willingly.

    1. And that is why I keep trying to have a sanctioned event where its perfectly legal and proven once and for all... I mean if i am such a pathetic person why not prove it in cage with witnesses.

  5. Yes... Barron your comments are on the cited blogs for reference. So since you want to continue to act like a little pussy, you offered me "free lessons" at your dojo and did not answer the challenge put forth, all the while claiming i threatened you.

    In a court of law your offer might be an invitation but it was not an admission of intent. Meaning if i did show up and if we did fight you could just as easily claim I "attacked you" and that the fight was not mutual. Thus why i said neutral grounds at a sanctioned event... Which you have denied.

    Oh yes... Don Roley invited me to his tantojutsu seminar but, again their was no admission of intent. And i would be an idiot to walk into a room with you, your buddy Don and you lots supporters. Again regardless of who swings first, you can claim self-defense and i am "in your house."

    Hense if it is a fight you want, a sanctioned MMA event a neutral grounds seems fair. So no more proxies and bull shit. No more hiding behind plays on words to set me up... Set up an event or i can give Chris Smith a call and see what he can do (again).

    What's funny is that you have not denied the attempts to back out of the MMA event or set me up with your invitation. That you lied about signing up to the event, speaking with Ruckus in the Cage promoter and that he said you would need to pay for a physical (because we already know its free). Sorry the excuses have been made before...

  6. Ron you're a pathetic piece of shit who tried to rape a 13 year old girl. Nuff said.

  7. And you are a lying piece of shit... I never raped or was ever charged with rape. But, thats ok don't let the truth stand in your way...

    Barron I have already proved your a liar and a bitch who has ducked out of not one fight but twice when i called you out. Just like i proved you lied about calling Chris Smith of Ruckus in the Cage, that you lied about signing up for the event and that you lied about my past. Look here is the link, i was charged with stalking and assault and found not guilty... the whole rape thing was something the girl made up. Your only problem with me is that you like to talk shit behind a screen but won't step out behind it do anything about it. See if i am the person you say i am then i deserve an ass kicking and if you are the "man" you claim to be you'd call Chris Smith yourself and do it... But, well you're a lying whore who is only pointing fingers at me because you try chase young girls (or mmaybe its boys) and want everyone to think you aren't some creep. I think they call that pointing fingers. And well I do think the fairy protests too much, hell your buttbuddy Phil Elmore has even been stated to remind certain people of a pedophile online...

    Makes me wonder about you two... lol

  8. Yeah, Ron you blame the 13 year old girl that you gave enough booze and drugs to so that she passed out for coming onto you and then changing her story. In truth, when she passed out you started taking off your clothes and thankfully someone walked in on you before you could do anything.

    You served time in prison for contributing to the delinquency of a minor instead of rape because you were stopped, but once you got out you stalked the poor girl at her job, threatened her life and that of her family and then physically attacked her.

    You are  a real piece of work, the whole purpose of your blog is to cover up your arrest record and hide you cowardice. I haven't written a word about you in months. Why? Because you are a lying piece of shit. You a pathetic worthless. You are basically impoverished living off a govt check you have no home, no car, no school. You are 30 something year old man who still lives with mommie.

    Your gofundme campaign was a bust, your dvds didnt sell. Ironically you used my name to try and plug your books which arent selling either. All you have is your delusional ninja fantasy.

    Youre ridiculed on the internet to the point where you somehow think that posting a PICTURE of you holding a hand gun is proof that you have no criminal record. You are a joke Collins, just a joke.

  9. Barron i never said i didn't have a criminal record, I have been charged with malicious wounding was never charged with rape (sexual assault) and what you are claiming which is a lie... Is a violation of WVC 61-8B-7 (b) which is called sexual abuse 2nd degree and punishable by 5 to 25 years in prison. So why was said girl's delinquency charge dismissed on appeal?

    Proof is also is Ashley Redden's statement which says the opposite of what you are claiming. Which prives you to be a liar Barron. Go ahead and delete your comment to prove you're liar. Boy... I bet you thought i won't let you post that but i did because you just proved not only to you run from and duck me but you're a liar as well...

    Thank you... Oh and if i was a felon i could not even hold the gun. Fact is, you bitches also screwed up by claiming i am a felon and holding a friend's gun because to do so is a violation of federal code 18 USC 922 (g) 1 which says a felon cannot possess a firearm. Considering i said "hello" to the chief of detectives in Beckley on his way to and from lunch at McDonald's and i was not arrested (he was armed and with 4 other officers) might suggest i didn't violate said federal statute or state code 61-7-7 (a) 1. So yeah it proves you're a liar and a pussy who is scared to fight me.

    Oh and i have screen shots... As for not writing about me in mouths thats cause i have proven you are a pathetic, lying coward and telling more lies just proves my point.

    Ashley's criminal complaint statement is visible here... I havr nothing to hide.

  10. Literally no one cares what screen captures you have. No one.

  11. Sure they do when they prove Barry is a liar that's why he ran and posted his little blog of lies to try to piss me off but all he did was prove his incompetence, because you are quoting from a 2009 Gen 2 MACP source...

    Thats why Barry posted his link to his fantasy camp blog on a different post because posting it here would make him look weak...

    Barry's post on The Trolls took the Bait:
    And his own post from October 6th 2016, the same day i proved you were a liar and bitch who punked out of a cage fight...
    Here is your link bitch: (since you posted it on my blog i will repost it here)

  12. You're joke, a pathetic miserable human being too lazy to go out and get a job too sorry to work for a living Mommie still has to take care of you.

  13. Really... That's all you got? LMFAO... You still look pathetic won't post your "revenge blog" on this page, done the same time i pointed out i proved you a liar about me... On this blog but you have to make your post on a different blog so, others wouldn't see it here? Tell me Barron what are you hiding? What are you afraid the world will see? That you are a petty and pathetic human being, maybe you want to lie about my criminal record because you have fantasies about little boys you teach...

    Seriously... You look weak and pathetic, like some old crazy guy trying to act tough online because in real life you're a scared little man chasing after younger people too afraid to look yourself in the mirror as an lonely old man who's only accomplishment is talking trash online. Wow i am done making you look bad, you're doing yourself a fine job now on your own.

  14. Lol. Ronnie you have written volumes of how such a bad ass you are. Numbered blog posts to numerous to mention. Interesting that in all your writing you haven't posted a single rank certificate in shotokan, Goju ryu, jujitsu and judo the styles you claim you have a black belt in.

  15. Ron, I think you're the one who is afraid, afraid of the fact that literally nobody cares about you. You'll never have a family. When your mother dies of old age, the only person who cares about you in your life will be gone.

    You will live out the rest of your sad, lonely life wishing and pretending to be someone and something you can never be. You'll never earn the respect that comes from working hard and earning real rank and credentials. This is the REAL reason that you will never have a school or be anyone's teacher.

    You whine and cry about my blog, but your blog is nothing but your tired old grievances about all the people you hate namely myself and the Police officers in Beckley W.V

    ALL you have to show for your wasted life is an increasing series of mugshots that mark your only accomplishments. Arrests that you will spend the rest of your life trying to explain away. This is no one's fault but your own.

  16. You don't get it do you Barry (calling me Ronnie doesn't bother me by the way, i go by Ron, Ronnie or Ronald or any one of my various nicknames) a black belt doesn't make a person a badass... I can just as easily claim to be a badass off my arrest record, battery on a police officer, assault on a federal officer, malicious wounding and making terrorist threats all dismissed, except the assault on a federal officer (i put the officer in the hospital, fortunately we were already in the Beckley VAMC and Battery on a Police Officer, when it took 2 Deputies and a Beckley cop to pull me off Greg Duckworth.

    See Barry, you never proved you survived being run over by a Semi and well why should post any certificates to prove anything to a fraud like you? Even when i post the awards paperwork showing i did teach hand-to-hand combat in the Army you lie and confuse information to make your claims seem creditable. Tell you what if i am not a bad ass why don't you arrange a sanctioned MMA event and prove it?

    Come on pussy something legal and open, send me the number to a promoter when you contact one and we can set a date and get this done... Oh right... You won't do it you're scared of me.

  17. number for fight promoter Edson Berto 863 651 7973.

  18. number for fight promoter Edson Berto 863 651 7973.

  19. You know Barron the funniest part os i didn't see your little post on my mom... You know whats even funnier, you trying to convince me of how worthless i am. Yet, here in my home town i am regarded as a local hero, thr guy who stood up to corruption alone. I have plenty of people telling with all this violence against cops that whenever i ride they are down to ride with me.

    Thing is i only 5 convicts to my record and all 5 are misdemeanors. See I find it funny you want a fight in Florida where having no record I have to get a bunch of physicals before i can step into the cage as an Amateur MMA fighter... Guess you will use your age as an excuse.

    As for my mommy, she says "Hi" and told me to tell you "Your a bitch." As for my mom, no one loves you like mom does. That's why my mom started me in Martial Arts since I was 2 and 1/2, 3 years old.

    As for people not caring about me... Funny thing, I have people who have rode through hell with me and plenty of people who love me. I think you are a lonely old fag with no friends but some of young boys you impress online.

    Regardless... As i explained to Edson Berto i am from WV and our laws are a bit different. Amateur fighters do their physicals before fights and he said i had a bunch of physicals, eye exams etc. to go through. I guess that's your out pussy boy to old and too sickly to fight.

    See Barron there is a reason I am where I am. My lifes a struggle, no doubt but you inspired me. I am going to start posting videos on Youtube of my old students... Interviews of a sort, might even include a few people i was locked up with to...

    Thing is i fought trained cops, armed with my bare hands. I am not a Paper Tiger hiding behind a "bad ass pill" of a rank certificate. Fine i am street kid, raised around bikers, drug addicts, drug dealers and psychopaths.

    I've talked to Edson Berto, 3 times so far to day and we have a tentative November 11th Date set but... He is a professional fight promoter so he can't set up a ticket. Fortunately, he seems willing to have something set up with a friend in an amateur event...

    Now Barron Real Fighting Championships has an office number of 813-964-9818 so i will call comfirm Mr. Berto to ne who you say he is... I mean you and Phil already tryed to get me on a fake event once.

  20. You know Barry it accured to me... Only reason you want to set up a fight in Florida is because you're hiding behind my 66 year old mother's health. I mean imagine if I had to cancel a fight because i can't spare the time to drive to Florida fight you and come back...

    Or you're hoping i don't have the funds to go to Florida to fight you. Anything to give yourself an out. Right cause you didn't show in West Virginia...

    Here is a recap of your bitching out... Sorry i just expect you to make excuses about MRIs and other such B.S. i mean that was your excuse until i proved WV Code differs from Florida Code and you get your physical at the event prior to the event when you said Chris Smith tood you needed a physical. Just saying i expect that excuse again... Coz your a pussy.

  21. He told me November 11th on the Phone... But its a tentative thing because he also has to take with you and i am to call him tomorrow. Don't go pretending everything is worked out just yet...

    Do you have your MRI & EKG, because you cried about those being expensive last time and said you was too old to compete. I know you didn't have them today...