Monday, October 31, 2016

Proof the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is Ineffective: Don Roley Doesn't Rely on Bujinkan Arts for Self-Defense!

So I don't always keep tabs with what others are doing... Quite honestly I don't care. But, many of you know I am a friend of Ashida Kim's and while I haven't been his student he has been a mentor of sorts. See Ashida Kim isn't a very rich man but he is a man of character and I need strong character more then I need money... Mental Toughness & Moral Strength are words for Character and in the many trials I've faced I've had money, lost money and can get money again but I can't afford to lose myself. So when someone showed Don Roley's latest jab I couldn't help but laugh...

I noticed this from the onset observing Don Roley's posture in the Raw Footage but I didn't say anything until Don Roley said it first and then I couldn't help but laugh. The following images are used for the purpose of review and are considered viable under 17 USC 107 of Federal Code.
Here Don Roley provides in his own words a statement of using the video for his own purposes, considering he invited his "Bullies" to show up, you can basically see where my comments to him on the Raw Footage about how he will never fight me stand. See Don Roley was trying to play the victim. The victim game is a common ploy used by children who like to start trouble but rely on their teachers or parents to save them. As adults they rely on the courts and, its a clear sign someone can't fight. However, we are talking mentality and not methodology... As Don Roley wants to appear non-aggressive yet challenged me via a video on YouTube, a video I was no doubt correct about disappearing should I have fought him.
Here Don Roley Challenges me to Challenge Him & you can get the full story on this issue here...
Here is a fun fact for you all, Count Dante aka John Keehan was Veteran of Army and as such had training in World War II combatives. This same stance is also used as part of the Kata Dante as invented by John Keehan/Count Dante...
The Hidden Hand or "Crotch Cover Defensive Stance" as demonstrated by Ashida Kim in preparation to perform the Kata Dante. Perhaps, Roley was going to perform the Kata Dante.

Here is Don Roley mentions getting his hands up in a concealed fighting position. This is very interesting because this an aspect practiced by none other then Captain Chris Pizzo (yeah him) and Damien Ross (the Guy from Penn & Teller's Bullshit: Martial Arts Episode). From my understanding Ross & Pizzo were business partners and Pizzo ripped him off fir some cash and started his own combatives program but is a former student of Damien Ross.

However, since many good sources of information exist on the Combatives like the Bill Wolfe Combatives and other schools of the Defendo/Defendu tradition. You even have some elements of these methods discussed in Tony Blauer's SPEAR System and his earlier works on self-defense (Yes, I am a fan of his). So what I am saying is that none of this shows up in  the Bujinkan system and when confronted Don Roley doesn't even rely on his "Battlefield" Tested Samurai Arts... I mean postures like Shizen no Kamae, Hira no Kamae & Jumonji no Kamae don't seem threatening right?

Add to this these same stances/postures have been explained my me in the Jukyu Black Dragon Ninjitsu DVD not as actual Ninjutsu, Taijutsu or Jujutsu but variations of the Tachi Kamae of Black Dragon Ninjutsu/Omoto-Ryu Budo.
 The Hidden Hand Posture, an adaptation of Tachi Kamae of the Standing Posture...
 The Thinker a Variation of Tachi Kamae...
My own course admits these methods are not part of Black Dragin Ninjitsu but are discussed so that one can understand the variations of Tachi Kamae. The Principle of positioning the hands to make them accessible in a fight exists however, it is not codified Black Dragon Ninjutsu system as "this or that" stance. It is simply variations of Standing Posture (Tachi Kamae) addressed to give the student a reference to adaptations codified by other systems. One could just as easily place their hands behind their head and using the "Ear Muffs" Stance if a boxer or raise their arms as if surrendering, its all fluid and changes from set postures to whatever the student needs for the situation.

In any event, Don Roley by his own admission doesn't rely on the methods of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu but instead uses modern (well WW II based) combatives and same methods of those he calls frauds...


  1. Kiss, kiss Ron.

  2. Wow Don... A. I am so happy you carried out your "threat" to attack the BDFS. B. You never once defend the fact that you never once used your Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu or that you basically admit in your blog to trying to use your challenge for legal manipulation.

    And you might want to do some double checking on the BDFS members and were their ranks come from. See one of the key principles behind the BDFS is that even if you are a "Master" or a "Grandmaster" you can still learn, still improve and so different people from different styles come together and cross train in different arts.

    You are the one who claims that once you become a "master" training ends. Yet the BDFS has many "masters" and "grandmasters" representing different arts and systems, a well into their 80s and all cross training in different arts to gain new prospectives and all with different life experiences that provide a base of knowledge and understanding that is not limited to a single tradition or Messiah figure like the Bujinkan.

    This is something that John Keehan/Count Dante himself preached teaching Karate, cross training in boxing, military combatives, wrestling and Judo... Not to mention studying Kung-fu.

    1. How was he supposed to use his Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu when you turned pussy and ran away?

    2. You mean the Bujinkan doesn't teach tactics? What about its ninpo traditions and such? You don't study manipulation and strategy like we see in Black Dragon Ninjitsu/Omoto Ryu Budo and Koga Hai Lung Ryu Ninjitsu?

      It was not in my advantage to fight Roley then and there and on those terms. So yes... I withdrew because it was advantageous to do so. Because I have a strategy (long term plan with various goals to be met) and I will not sacrifice a strategy for a Tactic (short term tentative pre-planned responses). See the Dojo Raid was someone else's idea and no one wanted to listen to me, so I sabotaged their plan by not fighting Roley.

      Imagine if I hadn't been there and someone from the BDFS showed up? 1. I would have been "called out" has having sent a ringer. And the same claims would have been made about how Roley punked me. 2. The BDFS would have been directly involved... 3. Roley's challenge video to me would have disappeared and it would have looked like the BDFS is an evil organization of violent thugs. We have the unfortunate problem of dealing with John Keehan's Legacy and the infamous Chicago Dojo Wars.

      None of this is good for my overall plan to sue the Roley, Shepherd and Elmore for slander and libel.

      So now instead...
      1. We Internet Ninjers are saying I "backed out" of a fight with Roley... 2. The BDFS isn't involved in any legal trouble and I had time to download Roley's challenge video. 3. This means other then a minor disruption I can't be charged for assaulting Roley or disrupting his class, remember he wanted me to "challenge him" (I just didn't do it on my terms so I could beat his ass) & I did at his invitation (and unintentionally if you watch the video, showing intent to manipulate the situation within the legal codes of Kentucky) basically... My case is still just as strong as ever and what did Roley do when "I baited" him with this blog, calling his bluff?

      Well he wasn't bluffing... He went right to attacking the BDFS on his blog, through his libel about me. Its awesome, even his own attempts to work in collaboration with others to get admit someone made false claims so he could make his new claims has been proven as an attempt at trying interfere with my Business associations.

      So while I am playing Strategic Chess, Roley is playing Tactical Checkers. If his Budo Taijutsu doesn't teach this then his 15 years in Japan studying "Ninjutsu" or "Ninpo" was a waste time.

      Take me, the whole time I have my arms tightly folded. This is because of the material concepts mentioned in the Black Dragon Ninjitsu White Belt Course video, and it is because it doesn't let me get my hands up quickly and because it keeps my hands visible for the video and room. I was also armed with a knife in my pocket (I carry it so much I sometimes forget its there) which as long as my hands were not by my side there was no concern or mistake that I might be reaching for my weapon.

      Does that explain how he was supposed to use his Taijutsu? Not to mention Kamae like Hira no Kamae where his hands would have been at his sides, a kind of Peter Pan or Superman stance... Nope didn't use that. He could have claim the interview stance was an adaptation of Jumonji no Kamae but he didn't do that... or he just could refered to any of it as a variation of Shizentai no Kamae (Omoto Ryu Budo has Tachi Kamae as a similar posture) but were we place the hands is more fluid as I stated above. I could be considered to be in Tachi Kamae throughout the video or some similar addaptation there of. But Roley credits Penton Quinn with his "Stances." So how I am using my Black Dragon Ninjitsu strategically and physically while Roley isn't even relying on his taijutsu/ninpo on any level..?

    3. Except for a few problems: How would the BDFS be in any trouble for stepping aside and letting you fight, something you alleged you wanted to do, but clearly did not want to?

      They wouldn't have. You could have fought. You chose not to. It's clear to anyone with eyes and a brain why (because you would have had your ass handed to you.)

    4. Well Phil, Don issued a challenge to me and Steve "Hat Guy" wanted to fight Don because of his bad mouthing the BDFS. Someone else egged him on... Since the BDFS was not challenged directly, I was any involvement from the BDFS or presence under the BDFS name leaves the organization open criminal charges under RICO. Because the Kentucky code 503.060 makes the escalation of force by coming to Don's seminar and fighting him would have been assault & battery on my part and being there on video with Steven saying we were there to represent the BDFS would have openned us up to the claim of trying to interfer and negatively effect his business. But, since no fight occured there was no assault and no criminal grounds Rico doesn't apply and without the claim to the BDFS or myself interfering with his business he has no counter claim when I sue him. Plus I gave Grandmaster Miskel time to denouce that action further distance the BDFS away from it...

      As for whether Don Roley can actually beat me in a fight... Well I guess we won't know from Lexington. What we did find out is that gained more by not fighting. There is always a cage, the BDFS owns one and we discussed next years event being held in Lexington so the MMA promoters can set something up all nice and sanctioned. Course nothing is set in stone but, a first annual Black Dragon "Blood Sport" Kumite MMA event has been discussed. Might still be discussed. In any event I protected my personal interest in preserving the integrity of my law suit against Roley, Shepherd and Elmore and I protected my business interest in the BDFS.

  3. And here is the blog with the evidence against you Don... You said if I defended myself against your slander, you would slander the BDFS. Well you have before and makes little difference but now you are using your libel to effect my business and business associates with the intent of causing my business harm. Tisk... Tisk...

  4. Lol Don gets to live in your head rent free. That humiliation still stings, doesn't it , pedophile?

  5. Fun thought for you Patrick... You remember that time when Phil was parading around the net as Martial Checkmate and he called the Raliegh County Public library on April 1st (April Fool's Day) trying to have the event cancelled and Amy Lilly called me and went into a diatribe about his lies and libel/slander?

    Well Just cause Phil started crying copyright to have the video removed and the cops took my computers back in 2011 to get rid of evidence doesn't mean I don't still have copies... Now I did intentionally sabotage someone's plans to Dojo Storm Don Roley's seminar and protecting the BDFS was a huge factor.

    See much like my April Fools Day stunt on Phil, I baited Roley into continuing his libel and even prompted him to carry out his threat to attack the BDFS using his libel against me, in so doing he has demonstrated intent to make false statements and negatively effect my business dealings...

    Proof is right here, in the Screen Shots of the Youtube comments;

    See I planned to fight Roley but on terms that would have protected me legally but, someone else's involvement had derailed that plan a bit. Either way, kicking Roley's ass was secondary to the lawsuit. Protecting the primary goal was paramount, which is why I used all that lets fight internet challenge bull shit as a smoke screen to everyone's attention away from the real goal. Plus as long as you boys think I won't file any thing, you weren't defending that avenue? And you kept on feeding the fire and damning yourselves.

    Sure the constant harassment and psychological abuse from bitches like you you does bother me. That's why I have engineered a plan to tear you all down. Fight me in court and it doesn't matter, hire lawyers and talk shit online. You will all be exposed as frauds and slandering mouth pieces and whenever someone brings your name as proof against me you'll all be the joke of the internet.

  6. Ah Ron, we all know there will be no lawsuit. You are a pedophile and a rapist, but no lawyer. The last time you thought you knew the law, you were arrested and ended up in a mental hospital. I have absolutely no fear of any lawsuit, just as Barron has no fear of you getting into the ring with him at any time. It is all your attempt to save face after your humiliation in Lexington. I am really enjoying all your posturing now and it gives my friends a good laugh.

  7. I wonder how long it is before the Black Dragon Talking Society reigns you in. You are a complete embarrassment to them. They don't seem to want the world to know that you hang our with them, because you are a pedophile, rapist, bully and coward.
    I am sure they won't tell you directly that you need to stop because you are dragging them down with you. You are too stupid and stubborn to listen to things like that. I am sure they will play to your massive ego in some way like saying this sort of thing is beneath you. From what I hear, Frank Dux is already throwing you under the bus in some closed forums. They might end up tossing you out completely and forbidding you from ever coming to their event again. But it is too late for them. They put up with you for this long, knowing about your lies and multiple criminal convictions. That sort of thing is poison to their image, and I intend to let the entire world know about what they really are.

  8. Don... Do your worst and as far as Dux well he has his own motivations. Or perhaps its another elaborate ploy to manipulate you... I mean that was your goal right, slander/libel the BDFS and cause a division between me and my business associations. So if Dux said something and you're boasting how the BDFS will throw me under the bus, I am guessing you think you won. Unless we are baiting you into looking like a lying fucktard and Frank is in on the gag.

    LMFAO... I meam could imagine me and Dux sitting around and drinking laughing about how we are going to punk you by making you think you are winning while we make you look a idiot?

    Oh there will be a law suit. We both know you want to do as much damage to my reputation and my business before you get sued. Before the Bujinkan black balls you and no I cares about you.

    1. I played you Don... I systematically gather evidence on and manipulated you three for years. You were the last piece line and now I just gotta knock down the dominoes.

      As for your threat to go after the BDFS... You realize that you've already attacked them. Attacked them for years now all of a sudden you are going to attack them because of me?

      You've already and repeatedly attacked the BDFS as a whole and its members as individuals.
      Remember when you posted this on your blog from 2015?

      Really... You want people to suddenly think I am the reason why you attack the BDFS. Bitch please.

    2. The only bitch here is you. Roley made you his bitch and you're still upset about it. That's why you don't dare post videos of yourself anymore. He's humiliated you so much that you're afraid of how people will make fun of your shitty waza.

    3. There won't be a lawsuit. Anybody who spends as much time talking, TALKING, T A L K I N G about suing will never actually do it. You whine about suing because you know you won't face anyone and you're not proud of your shitty martial arts technique. Face it, Ron, you are nothing and never will achieve anything. Go collect your welfare payment and stay off the Internet. It's all you're good for. You're going to live your whole life never leaving Beckley and never achieving a single thing. And when you do finally die of old age, or whatever it is someone like you dies of, everybody who ever pointed and laughed at you on the Internet will have one last chuckle at your expense.

    4. This brave little ninja is so tough he won't even approve comments on his blog, because WORDS HURT, Y'ALL.

  9. Quit fucking around and sue. You keep saying you're going to sue, so do it, motherfucker. Quit all your talk, talk, talk, talking and DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE.

  10. You weren't carrying a knife, any more than you were ever carrying a gun. You're too poor to own actual weapons. If you really carry a knife, post a video showing it concealed in your pocket and then you taking it out. Otherwise I call bullshit on your story.

  11. Please don't sue me Ron...please lol

  12. Oh Patrick you mean you are going to release my Social Security Number or steal my identity as you've threaten to do in the past. Hey fat ass... 1. That was act that falls under Rico. 2. That and your business ties to Phil Elmore (as well as personal relationship) through the Martialist and Tug Hill studios (sounds like a gay porn company by the way), is grounds for criminal racketeering charges. Now I can't bring in criminal charges on a civil matter but, I can use the case as evidence sent to the FBI and Phil and his business the Martialists connection to Paladin Press (who stand to gain from such attacks on me and Ashida Kim through me) is enough to cause an inquiry.

    Don't think I am stopping at the Law suit... lol