Sunday, October 9, 2016

Open Letter to Barron Shepherd, the whole world knows your a Punk...

I am not, nor have I ever been a large imposing person. Most people think I am crazy because I don't back down from much. As I have gotten older, I have learned that some people try to start stuff just to get you in trouble... Crying to the cops for protection, I've also learned that sometimes cops look the other way when someone starts fights and runs behind the cops for protection.

Well low and behold, this BS with Barron Shepherd kind of reminds me of being a kid (its that childish) in grade school. The thing is Barron is too scared to just step up and wants to "jump the fence" between socially acceptable behavior and trying to act like an online bully. Like most bullies he is a coward... Evident in his lack of fighting me in Charleston when he said he would and lying about it online. He has even gone so far as to put me in contact with Edson Berto of Reality Fighting Championship.

Once you stand up to a bully, they run away... Barron Shepherd of Winter Haven must do his students proud. He is an instructor in kenpo and judo but carries himself like some wannabe punk tough guy who tries to bully others online like a coward.

Barron has now backed down twice from me, the first time was a anything goes street fight back in 2009 and the second was a sanctioned MMA event this year. He has even admitted to conspiring with others to set me up to get arrested. I bet he was one of those tough talking kids who wanted to ne a bully until someone punched him in the mouth... Just saying.

And when called out on this, all he can do is spread his lies about me even as they are proven lies. Barron Shepherd is an example of not just what is wrong with martial arts but what is wrong with America. He works tirelessly to attack competing businesses and by example is teaching children to act like cowardly bullies talking tough behind computer screens.

Much of this pattern of behavior was covered in the previous blog As Kentucky Draws Near and the comments below;
Now for those who don't know... Uptown Single Layer is Barron Shepherd's troll account. Its also reeks of being a gay prostitute... Uptown = High Class, Single = Marital status & Layer = as in Lays With anyone with the Money. Again just saying...
Here Barron comes out to "defend himself" and the whole time Uptown Single Layer never makes an appearance again... Strange right? This comes after I pointed out that as "Uptown" claims Mike Raymond is in a picture with Phil and so connects "Mike Raymond" to Phil Elmore and Barron Shepherd in what I already confirmed was an attempt to set up a "Secret Kumite Death Match" rather then a real licensed fight...
 Here is Barron's immediate response born out of anger... Calling me names when I point out all he had to do was step up... And I proved him a liar even posted a link to the news that said I was charged with stalking and assault and that my alleged victim was claiming I was trying to rape her but the stalking and assault allegations were proven not proven and I was found not guilty. Barron doesn't care about the truth he only cares about slandering my name and that doesn't even matter if he has to lie to do so... That was a small lie by-the-way...
And here Barron's story takes on a new level of insanity by adding more details to the lie... Details which are false and well easily proven as here is Ashley Redden's own statement, from the criminal complaint written by Trooper Greg Duckworth & signed by her under duress, something she even mentioned on appeal which is why it was appealed in court...
Ashley Redden's criminal complaint very different then the story Barron Shepherd is claiming...

 A close up of the charges, those appealed and the verdict changed and those the verdict was not changed on...
The full Verdict sheet from the Appeals trial. So here is the big lie by Barron Shepherd.
 Here is me clearing the air and posting links were the information is publicly available... Barron posts some trollish non-sense as if he is laughing but he knows he was caught in a lie. The information above proves Barron Shepherd has lied to defame and slander my good name. So pretending like it is pointless is his only hope. I don't want to convince Barron Shepherd he is a liar, he already knows this... No I want show case him as a liar and a fraud. I wonder how his students and associates The International Kenpo Karate Academies feel about this?
Now here is where Barron being proven a liar and fraud gets good because despite his "keyboard laughing" at pointing out he is a liar and that I had screen shots proven him to be a liar, I also reference something in regards to Barron using his other blog, a vent of his psychosis featuring his delusional mind fantasizing about Frank Dux and Ashida Kim the "Ninjerkiller" blog. Here Barron does himself in because he didn't even have the balls to post this on the same blog... In stead he jumps posts (a common troll tactic to appear more authoritive or less bias). So in response to using Barron's own remarks as evidence of his pathology of lying and slandering myself & others, he jumps blogs and posts in The Trolls Took the Bait blog.

Here is Barry posting the link somewhere else to try to upset with a revenge review of a book he never read... Proved his is only slandering my name for his own personal gain...
Here is my full argument proving Barron is cry baby bitch acting tough online... He is trying to confuse people between the Gen 1 & Gen 2 Modern Army Combative Course because the same adjustments I made to Sport Jujitsu & Traditional Jujutsu, combined with elements of Karate & Muay Thai in addition to the Gracie Combatives base of Gen 1 MACP in 2003 are similar to same adjustments made in Gen 2 by SFC Matt Larsen (to which I no hand in his alterations, I only taught at the company & brigade levels in HHC (Head quarters company) & Charlie Company 1/503 Air Assault out of Camp Casey South Korea before it was designated as an Airborne Unit and moved to Italy). So not only did Barron try to slander my name with lies but he has tried to confuse facts and lie about my background to conceal one of my well documented accomplishments (having taught my own system of Hand-to-Hand Combat in the US Army as an addition to the MAC Gen 1 Program. The MAC Gen 2 program didn't become official until 2009, I left service in April of 2005 and it was common practice for martial artists in an platoon or company to supplement Combatives training with additional martial arts training as a kind of "quick class."
And here is where the real childishness begins Barron brings my mom into this & I question his sexuality... I honestly thought he'd have nothing left after posting the "revenge blog" on his Fantasy Combatives blog, Barron his never served in the Army to my knowledge or any branch of the military but well... After I point out I proved him a liar he  demands I prove my black belts are real... That is funny because as I have proven many times, I was awarded for teaching Combatives in the Army...
Visible Above... My Awards Paperwork from the Army... And visible below is me pointing out Barron simply does care about facts... But, no matter I proved Barron is a liar, on multiple levels. I even challenged him to establish a sanctioned event. But well... Nothing is set yet, Flordia has a great deal of legal red tape to wade through including physicals, eye examinations & EKGs & MRIs for Barry...

At this point is all that matters is that I have proven Barron Shepherd a liar and a fraud of a fraud buster who works in collaboration with his other online supporters Don Roley & Phil Elmore. Admitted by Barron's own troll account. Now the real question is how does Barron Shepherd's students at Winter Haven Karate feel about their instructor behaving in this way? How do parents feel that their instructor is a liar, slandering other peoples names to make himself look "big?" If this is what is being taught or worse set as the example for Martial Arts in Winter Haven perhaps something should be done?


  1. Berto called me Saturday morning the fight an amatuer event nov. 19th in Tampa.

  2. Ok and what? Do you have your physical paperwork and EKG, etc in? I will call Mr. Berto and find out...

    The reality is however, I still have to get my physical and call the Beckley VAMC to set something up. Nothing has been finalized and your pretending it is, is just a way for you to claim I won't fight you. To cover your ass from lying about signing up to the fight in Ruckus in the Cage.

    Still does nothing to get past the fact, I exposed you as a lair and an online tough guy. I mean if you really wanted to fight me, we are both going to be in Lexington Kentucky this weekend and aside from the two events there will be plenty of neutral ground out side our events.

    Honestly, there is no need. I have already exposed your lies and really have nothing to gain by beating your ass. I had fun making you look like a bitch but exposing your lies is far better. Leaves me open to all sorts of civil actions against you in federal court and well with the overt collaboration of you, Roley and Elmore online its open and shut.

    All I need is $350 to file in federal court and, represent myself. Wouldn't be the first time I represented myself and won. I mean the legal bills alone for you is gonna wreck things for you... Then once I start who else is going to get on board, granted Bill Aguiar doesn't much care for me but he likes you even less, Ashida Kim, Frank Dux and who else would use your exposed pattern of behavior as a proven liar and slanderer to drag you through the courts.

    What you think calling you out was the point? No, exposing you was and you exposed yourself, your lies and your dementia...

    Hope you have a good lawyer...

  3. good luck against a trained lawyer, last time you represented yourself you was found mentally incompetent. Ron just apologize and go away. No one is afraid of you.

    Berto turned out to be legit fight promoter and you are crapping in your pants over it. You and Berto have a longtime mutual friend and associate which was the reason I went to him.

    You started this with your threats and your fake ass challenges. Might be a good idea to quit posting your "doctored" fake DA Form 638s too.

  4. No, Ron, you won't be suing anybody. You dont know much about the law, clearly, but you have written enough libel on this blog about the very people you want to sue that they could countersue you and win easily -- especially because you cant afford a lawyer. This isnt like winning a small claims issue. Your conspiracy theories would get you eaten alive if you tried to sue, and judges naturally assume jailhouse lawyers like you are imbeciles. When your government handouts are garnished because of the judgment that will be levied on you, you will be even more impoverished than you are now.

  5. Barry, Barry, Barry... Lying doesn't help when I have already proven you loed about the Deliquency case, maliciously I might add. Right here on this blog as a matter of fact, the awards paperwork is legit but keep pretending its not... It doesn't matter you buried yourself in your own lies...

    Any self-respecting lawyer will tell you that you are guilty of liable, slandering my name and doing so to interfer with my business. Get a lawyer... Show them this blog and tell them I am going to sue you. They will tell you are hit. All you are doing to trying to hide that fact.

    So allow me to address the MMA match... Mr. Berto gave me a list of things I needed to do. Including a physical examination which I have to schedule with the Beckley VAMC. That takes time and cannot be done until tomorrow. He has not contacted me since I contacted him. But, you want to make it about the MMA match which
    you know requires time to organize with Florida laws requiring physicals by the fighters as opposed to WV Code which provides the physical before the fight... After of I don't get everything done before the date you will claim I ducked the fight. Its your attempt to lie your way out and I don't need to even fight you. You already lied yourself into a corner...

    But, here is the Florida laws

    And here is the West Virginia laws...

    So I think that you are just hiding behind Red Tape... To not look like a bitch. I mean I already proved your a liar.

    1. A Photoshop expert has analyzed your award document. He was able to produce a high-contrast image that shows where you cut and pasted and modified the document. There are other irregularities on the document too, like incorrect date formats and bold font used in the last paragraph. You faked the award and have been trying to use it to substantiate your claims every since. That's why you won't post your DD214. You are a pathetic fraud, Ron.

    2. Oh, and any actual lawyer reading your blog would conclude that you have no case. None whatsoever. You are too stupid to understand how to SPELL the word libel, much less prove damages and sue for it. You have no chance whatsoever. But good luck with that, Ron. When you get counter-sued for trying and failing to file a frivolous lawsuit, they'll be able to go after your government earnings. The government has deep pockets. You don't.

    3. But keep tucking that dick, Ron! Dick-tuck, dick-tuck, dick-tuck!

  6. Seem to be trying to convince all we are wrong... See I have Barron's own false statement about in the deliquency case in the fourth image down. This combined with h8s blog is enough to start... After all Philip Carton Elmore isn't that why you hide behind troll accounts and no the Award isn't faked... I dare you to prove it. One more lie to tear apart. lol

  7. Try again, Ron. You're soooo close, yet so far away. Watching you grasp at straws is the most entertaining part of your ridiculous conspiracy theories.

  8. ::pops popcorn:: Poking crazy people with sticks shouldn't be this much fun but it is.

  9. And the trolls come out in force to distract from thier lies... Quite entertaining really and telling...

  10. A bogus military form? Ron you expect people to buy that your telling the truth when you photoshop a fake recommendation for Award form. Your not worth my time anymore.

    Promoters will hash everything out. I have agreed to fight. Physicals can be done days before the fight. If you can't make nov. Berto has 3 he can set up in Dec. You will show up or you won't either way I will show up to fight be it you or someone else.

  11. Prove ita bogus... Please. Fact is Barron I proved you lied about the Deliquency Charges to slander my name but all you have is calling verifiable proof fake... Why should I post an certificates of anything... All you and you band of trolls are going to do is call it fake... Be real funny seeing that claim torn apart in court...

    Course this whole diatribe tells all, when proven a liar you depend on troll accounts and co-conspirators to defend you. LMAO... I guess all that talk about the document being fake was because you needed an out to tuck tail and run... Online at that.

  12. Ron isn't going to fight. He's never actually fought anyone. Anyone who looks at his movement and fundamentals can tell you that. He's just trying to troll Barron and then dick tuck. Like all BDFS boys.

  13. Dude quit your lies Berto said physicals can be done in 2 days. He will be contacting you. If you can't make nov. There are 3 shows in dec. If you don't bother coming then a fight will be set up with someone else.

  14. Barry how the hell is Berto going to know when the VA schedules me a physical? I have to get in where they can fit me in... Oh yeah I forgot, civilian who never has dealt with the VA.

    But no this is about pointing out you lied maliciously to defame my name in your claims about the delinquency case. You've been proven a liar about me being a felon and I have exposed those lies...

    You want to make this about some irrelevant MMA match when the truth is you are a liar and have been proven a liar. After all that's why a troll account "Martin Blendswell" is claiming the Awards paperwork is falsified, so you don't have to take responsibility for adding details to a lie you claim. Jeez what a bitch... I thought you were done Barry, ain't that what you said. So be done and quit trying to defend your lies...

    You've already been exposed.

  15. I'm not a troll account, Ronnie. Still haven't figured out who I am? I'll give you a hint: We used to be good friends. Funny thing is, I don't like it when people stab me in the back.

    Oh, and speaking of evidence and being exposed...

  16. Really Martin... If you are hiding behind a fake name you're a troll account. Love the link to Barron's page for his revenge blog dated today... What os even funnier is that Barron just proves he is a liar by lying more. Don't worry though I won't post any links to Barron's bull shit... What is even funnier is that any who can read can tell Barron's claims are false.

    First date and time format: oops that claim is proven false...

    Secondly, Barron's example form is one created in 2006, obviously a newer form created after I left the Army in 2005. The fact that Barron is talking more about the MMA event then him being proven a liar is well funny... Since once he started lying about my criminal history he basically did himself in and hopes I will post evidence taking apart his second revenge blog on me embarrassing him and proving him a lair with screen shots so he can claim copyright infringement and have this blog taken down.

    Course, he only posted this today which proves my point... Barron is scared of the truth. He's a bitch... Wow you guys are idiots or maybe I am giving you too much credit.

    1. Wait even Wikipedia mentions the same... Guess Barry is proven a liar again. As for the Bold... eh talk to Sergeant Parker.

    2. Forgot the link...

  17. Dick Tuck, Ronnie. You're scared now. You've never actually had to fight someone trained before. You won't show up. Barron is going to fucking cripple you. LOL

  18. Actually Patricia... I am not "scared now" I haven't agreed to anything or gotten any of requirements under Florida state to compete done yet... But, you want to deflect this away Barron being proven a liar. I could care less. See I am a very unpredictable person and with me and Berry in Lexington KY at the same time who knows what will happen? Be a shame to fight in Lexington and commit to fighting in Florida. Fortunately, Lexington is this weekend so we will see what the future holds.

    I doubt Barron wants to fight anyway, thats why he wants to hide behind Florida's red tape. So many rules and examinations which have to come out my own "impoverished pockets." Nothing like WV where the Boxing Commission does that stuff for free.

    But, oh well guess we'll see if Barron has the balls to do anything in Kentucky awsy from Don Roley's apron strings...

  19. I've seen your sloppy ukemi. You're going to want to tighten that up if you plan on trying a judo guy. I'd hate to see you steering a wheelchair with a straw.