Sunday, October 23, 2016

Black Dragon Ninjitsu: What makes it different...

The Jujitsu of Black Dragon Ninjitsu is not very different then the techniques of Aikido & Judo, however our Atemi-waza is influenced by Kenpo. No, this is not the Kenpo Karate of Ed Parker but the Kenpo of Japan. Kenpo means Fist Law and is general terms for any Striking Arts from outside of Japan. There is Karate, Shotokan is a Japanese art based on Okinawan Karate, Karate meaning Chinese Hand. There is Chinese Kenpo, Gung-fu & Wushu, there is Okinawan Kenpo, Okinawan-Te, Okinawan Karate, Goju Ryu Karate, etc.

There is Kosho Ryu Kenpo-Jujitsu which was taught to William Chow by James Mitose. William Chow who renamed the art Kenpo Karate & who taught Ed Parker. Ed Parker who created American Kenpo Karate as we know it today. Omoto-Ryu Jujitsu/Jujutsu or Taijutsu/Taijitsu contains elements and influences of Kenpo striking techniques which focus on both soft and hard forms of striking, blocking and redirecting attacks. This is nothing new to the martial arts world, it sounds like many martial arts on the planet, Goju Ryu being one of them. So whether this is Chinese Kenpo or Okinawan Kenpo I don't know, I do know we don't share a lineage with American Kenpo from Kosho Ryu Kenpo-Jujitsu.

It must be understood that before my court cases and following personal attacks and drama, I had a few students. The issues with the police harassment and intimidation resulted in my school closing, my students facing attacks form the cops with their own false charges and harassment. With people like Barron Shepherd, Phil Elmore and Don Roley slandering my name & helping to try to falsely convict me both in the real world and convict me in the public eye online.

The big issue is why? Because Black Dragon Ninjitsu my own take on Omoto-Ryu Budo (the name for the complete art and not only the Jujitsu contained in the system) includes several elements only seen in the historical texts and these elements existed before the present 3rd Edition of the Black Dragon Ninjitsu book. In fact certain formations for travelling as a team seen in the Bansenshukai also show up in Army of Shadows as well, but I digress... What separates Black Dragon Ninjitsu from other competing forms of ninjutsu is not martial arts methods but a fluid take on developing the art as a personal tool. The core of Black Dragon Ninjitsu is not martial arts but an understanding of strategy and tactics...

The recent events with Don Roley are a testament to this;

I won't say who suggested the visit to Don Roley's seminar but it wasn't me... If you watch the video Don Roley challenges me to challenge him. Now that silliness could have been settled best with doing nothing because it was childish... This becomes additionally complicated by the fact that a certain individual took someone already fired up and sent them to confront Don Roley in the name of the Black Dragon Fighting Society...

Strategy is not about ego or how you see yourself or others. Strategy is about seeing the big picture, planning for the long game. It is not about the "here and now" it is about the end goal. Strategy is about what you want in the end and how you get that, then figuring out how you get that... A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but... you still have to know what direction you want to go. This is why you plan and study your opponent, your terrain and your goals and find ways to reach them. Why fight if it doesn't serve you?

Now this is the key issue of importance, I have a history with Don Roley... I understand Roley, he isn't a fighter and he is smart. He is what we might call a fence jumping, he jumps out attacks people, calls them names and then jumps back across the fence expecting them to not get mad or upset. This is grade school tactic used by weaker bullies who hide behind the teacher's thinking they are a "good boy." So Steven Day went (without the permission or input of Grandmaster Miskel who is head of the BDFS family) and if you watch the raw footage as previously stated it shows what happened after the cameras started rolling... What it doesn't show is, why or before the camera's started rolling...
A basic transcript of the Video addresses key points... You think you are seeing a challenge but you are seeing a mental chess game between myself & Roley...
2:11 Steven says he is representing the BDFS.
3:43 Don says he has standards... Tell the Truth, do your Honest best, Don't Associate with Criminals and then starts lying himself.
4:05 I confront Roley for lying and making false accusations.
4:18 I call Don Roley a faggot ass bitch hiding behind the law. This goes back to previous pattern of trying to set me up on the blogs I cover below.
4:24 I say Roley doesn't have the balls to fight me. At this point it gives the appearance I am challenging Roley on behalf of the BDFS.
4:27 Roley says "Step on out."
4:33 Steve says Roley isn't in his right mind.
4:40 Steven says he can kick Roley's ass. This gets to Steven's motivation to come there to fight Roley himself and not the BDFS but ot gives the appearance of Steven acting on behalf of the BDFS. 4:50 Steve calls Roley a chicken shit mouth piece.
5:07 Roley says he invited me "to challenge him." So Roley never invited me to fight he invited me to challenge him to a fight... Childishness. This has no statement of intent to fight.
 5:12 Steven again says he is there to represent the BDFS, while Steven is a member he was not acting on behalf of the BDFS by order of GM Miskel or other Patriarchs.
5:18 Roley says "Not first in line.
5:26 Don says "Ron are you here to challenge me to a fight."
5:30 I reply "No."
5:39 Roley says to "Leave he doesn't want distractions."
5:45 Roley says i am standing behind all these people, I'm not there to challenge him."
5:51 Steven says "Ron's not standing behind me." asks me if I want to "go to bat." Still suggestive of our presence on BDFS behalf.
5:57 GM Ruiz asks "Roley what do your students think of all this?"
6:15 Roley yells out "Let me make this clear! Let me make this clear! This whole thing came about because Ron Collins said I am afraid to face him personally... "
6:29 adds "That while I am not challenging him I am getting other people to challenge him." Steven wanted to fight Roley and I was going to just hit Roley to keep from doing so because Steven's reasons where that he was talking about the BDFS. Steven might have been angry and his anger directed by another BDFS member, he was not speaking for the BDFS. So I figured I'd jump on the grenade myself.
6:32 I said I was told not to fight Roley. That no one wanted me down there to fight Roley. So at that point it appears we were there on official BDFS business and representing the BDFS. So rather then risk any civil or criminal liability for the BDFS I stepped out. I wanted to fight Roley but not his terms where even winning the fight, I still lose...

My reason for being there was simple; my initial plan was to walk in and hit Roley knowing I am giving him a chance to bring charges against me. I did this because I didn't want the BDFS name involved. The BDFS has been very good to me & when I faced legal challenges, now Kentucky Code 503.050 allows anyone to use physical force if they believe they are facing severe physical injury, death, kidnapping etc. Our appearance could be considered an attempt at coercing Don Roley by means of threat to fight me. This means that any claim to Kentucky's Stand Your Ground law allowing self-defense falls under Kentucky Code 503.060 subsection (2). Under Kentucky Code 503.060 Don Roley could just as easily claim he fought me because he was intimidated and any injury I dealt to him fell Kentucky Code 503.060 making not only my actions criminal but those of the people I came with & fellow Black Dragon Fighting Society members. You can read more on Kentucky Self-Defense Laws here.

Having failed to "throw myself on my sword" by hitting him before, the BDFS pulled me away from Roley. I then in essence back out of the fight for the reasons I stated. Now, Ron what does this have to do with anything... No way, you planned or knew any of this? Right?

Wrong? Strategy is the art of planning and that includes a number of different plans for your failures so that they turn into successes... Going to Don Roley's seminar was not my idea (but I hastily formed and adjusted my plans as needed) and the same set up I accused Don Roley & Barron Shepherd of trying to establish back in April of this Year when the same scam was pointed out by me April 17th 2016 on the Stalking & Harassment: A Pattern of Behavior Blog, citing Barron Shepherd & Don Roley's scheme.

And we can go back to February of 2016 in Scared lil Internet Trolls & Why Martial Arts Suck. when pointed out what Barron was trying to do even then, which was the same thing... With the whole Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons series of blogs addressing this pattern if behavior, to entrap me. Why because I am the guy who took a stand, I even pointed this out with the blog Stalking & Harassment 2, fighting Don Roley anywhere but on my terms or a neutral location is stupid... Especially if it damages my other goals, such as re-establishing my school and filing suit against the state to clear my name. I explained how Don Roley & Phil Elmore trace back to the Bujinkan and Paladin Press, was well as the Bujinkan cult philosophy in Stalking & Harassment 3.

You see Barron Shepherd, Don Roley & Phil Elmore have to slander my name, it keeps profitable business down for me. They have to inspire others to do so, it helps them make money selling fantasy. Ultimately, I have already proven them liars time and time again and again after that... and I have a long history of claiming my manipulation of the criminal networks and the police informant system, as well as the corrupt cops themselves is directly linked to my use of Ninjutsu. You can go all the way back to the Keep Your Enemies Closer blog in 2012 when I started the Black Dragon Ninjitsu blog during the year of the Black Dragon 2012. Which demonstrates the same strategy used by me against the police and in turn attempted to be used by Don Roley against me. A strategy I would be an idiot to fall for but, while Roley's challenge was issued at me their was another target, the same who instigated the idea of going to Roley's seminar to confront him on behalf of the Black Dragon Fighting Society. So I really couldn't account for the foolishness of others in that regard.

The goal was not simply to make me look like I backed out of a fight, nor simply to bring legal challenges to myself or the Black Dragon Fighting Society but to cut me off from the Black Dragon Fighting Society which has supported me, even in the face of horrible accusations, false arrests and my own socio-political maneuvers with the state of West Virginia, which bordered on illegal and was very much questionable. That level of thinking, planning and seeing the machinations of others is what makes Black Dragon Ninjitsu different. It makes Black Dragon Ninjitsu a stand alone art in this regard.


  1. So basically your weak and this a long explanation about why you don't have the balls to fight. Shit man just fight already either you win you loose or its a draw gotta admit i might actually respect you if you fought but you didn't and had to come up with a long winded explanation. Stick to playing ninjers and don't talk smack if you are not willing to step up to the plate.

    1. Yay... Someone online will respect me. My life is complete and happy... I am being sarcastic by the way Tim.

      2 things you might not be acknowledging or just don't know.
      1- I predicted Don Roley trying to set me up with legal issues. It was aimed at Barron Shepherd and Roley but Barron backed out. So why would I suggest a neutral location if je wanted to fight me and say I wouldn't show up at his seminar to begin with?
      2- I have shown up to fight these internet challenges. It was with Barron Shepherd and he didn't even show up, after saying he signed up online.

      And Roley's games have been going on for a while...

      So if Roley wants to meet me in a cage, you know a legal event where there is no entrapments or subterfuge I am cool. But, I am trying to get hold of Edson Berto of Reality Fighting Championships in Florida to push back the fight date to December because I can't get in the VA to get the required physicals until the first week of December anyway...

    2. Oh the fight date i am speaking of is between me and Barron. See Roley invited me to come to his seminar and fight Barron. Once Barron backed out the MMA and stated his intent to challenge me to a fight... I offered to fight him in Lexington.

      This removes any claims of self-defense under Kentucky Code 503.050 by invoking Kentucky Code 503.060 but what Roley did was challenge me to challenge him. I was better served not responding but well... Either you except what I am saying or you don't it doesn't matter to me. Last time I dealt with internet challenges it was all bullshit with Barron never showing up and ducking out.

      Only question is why would say, I am not going to fight him at his seminar. Then run off to fight him at the very place I said I wouldn't go?

  2. Ron,

    I would like to discuss this issue with this privately. Please email me at

    Best Regards,