Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Assassin Trilogy: Three Books You Don't Want to Read...

Shadow Warrior Press covers many titles, ranging from books on martial arts, survivalism & paramilitary skills & tactics. Originally written for my old Publishing House now defunct Witch-Hunter Publishing comes three books of unique subject matter Assassin: The Art & Science of Killing is an Assassination theme book dealing with combat tactics for the individual. This book was written not as a training manual for assassins but as tool for teaching Law Enforcement & Security Personnel. The Book poses as an instruction manual covering topics like camouflage, disguise, rifle & pistol marksmanship, hand to hand combat, knife fighting, poisons, booby traps and explosives... As well as philosophy and training for an individual.

If a police officer, soldier or security specialist where to use this book as intended it would allow them to get a generalized idea of the mind set & skills used by mafia hitmen, terrorists & similar. For the individual "lone wolf" survivalist it is a documentary of individual combat tactics for the common civilian it is example of why they need to be trained in first-aid, firearms & self-defense techniques to protect themselves from the threat of harm by elite criminals and terrorists.

The second book in the series is In the Shadows: The Art of Espionage, uses Assassin to explain the basic combat tactics and addresses the tactics and methods of the spy,  including how to improvise equipment in the field ranging from "radio bugs," to improvised firearms & "night vision glasses", develop cryptography methods and keys, plus covert hand and arm signals as well as pass along secret information in public.

Finally, these books come together to address the threat of terrorism with Cloak & Dagger: A Study of Modern Terrorism this book explains many of the improvised weapons used by terrorists such as a breakdown of the rockets used by Hezbollah to attack Israel, designs for common Improvised Explosive Devises, Demolition methods used by Terrorists, False Flag Operations & the differences between Terrorists and Guerrillas, as well as discussing the limitations of civilian and law enforcement training compared to that of the guerrilla insurgent or terrorist, and compared to the training of professional soldiers.

These three books offer an inside look into Guerrilla, Terrorist & Insurgent methodologies that serve to help anyone civilian, law enforcement or military to have an in side look into the world of Counter-Terrorism like no other books may provide, because these books reveal the skills and methodologies from an inside looking out view. Many of these same skills can be acquire from other more legitimate sources such as tactical schools, survival schools and so on. Rather then preach an SOP to the reader they allow the reader an inside view to guide them to understanding the reasoning behind much of the SOPs used by police, military and security personnel.

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