Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Let's Get Real for a Minute... All cards on the table.

To my fellow Black Dragon Fighting Society members, I know that Grandmaster Miskel has been wanting to distance himself from our bloody past as part of the Infamous Chicago Dojo Wars. I understand why he wants to move past this... I however plan to follow a different path. I am going to embrace it, within certain limits of the law... I ask that you all distance yourselves from me at this time. That you share this blog as well as make a public statement that this doesn't respresent the attitude, goals or ethics our family stands for what I am about to say...

I ask this with two motivations in mind, 1. That this will motivate those who support me to spread the word and 2. That it provides those who would distance themselves with an out. Best of all since everyone is delivering the same message our organization is free from involvement. A rising tide raises all ships.

To Barron Shepherd,

You win I am not going to fight you in an MMA match in Florida. We will both be in Lexington Kentucky this weekend. So step up! See I will attend my event and you will attend yours. Who cares there is plenty of open, neutral ground. So all you gotta do is man up. Meet me, call me out or just walk up and hit me. Either way, it removes your claim of self-defense. Hell come within 10 feet of me and I am going to assume its is done with the intent to fight. And there are plenty of places we can bump into each other outside these two events of ours.

This creates a perfect opportunity for an unsanctioned and anything goes match. Thats what you wanted,right... But, it won't be in Florida and you've already proven you want to fight me...

So here you go, this weekend in Kentucky a street fight, no rules and anything goes. So all you have to do is show some mutual attempt to openly engage in a fight with me amd the worse we will face is 90 days in jail. That ain't nothing you will be fine, and oh yeah a fine. Best case scenario is a fine for assault and disturbing the peace. Course thats pleading guilty at the initial appearance, if you plead not guilty its going to take a while to fight it in court. Screw it I will risk jail time for this...

Now don't be surprised if I start poking you fpr my YouTube channel and get you on film approaching me which is evidence we were mutually involved in the conflict. I don't want you trying to hide behind legality...

So there it is... I'm sure we may see each other at Gas Stations, Restaurants or fucking Wal-Mart. Either way, if you want to fight and not hide behind shit... Forget November or December and red tape. We will be in the same place at the same time with nothing between us with air and opportunity.

If you beat me, so what? I am an "untrained fraud with no training" who is "impoverished" to boot. So lets save me some money and spare the red tape right? If you get beat by me, not only have I proven you a lair publicly a liar online with the Open Letter to Barron Shepherd blog but well I beat your ass in public and most likely filmed online. Adding to the law suit I would get to destroy you twice and yes... I can live with a bit or jail time or an ass kicking to get the shot...

See you this weekend.


  1. Diiiiiick tuuuuuuck



  2. How to Dick Tuck without Dick Tucking, By Ronnie Collins.

  3. How to Dick Tuck without Dick Tucking, By Ronnie Collins.

  4. I am cool with that... See either way its an irrelevant point. Either I am the violent nut job you say I am and we get our no rules anything goes fight this weekend or we don't either way... I have no problem streaming me making Barrie look like a bitch live on Youtube. Win or lose the date and terms are set and well we will get to see who tucks dick in Lexington.

    Enough with the troll accounts and tough talk online, enough with the hiding behind legal loop holes and the trying to set me up all ANYONE has to do is step up.

    Should be fun... And I noticed Patty that you responded but no Barry. Did he tuck behind his keyboard. I mean if you read my comments and last 2 blogs I been hinting about this outcome. Why wait until November when Lexington is this weekend?

    1. If you really wanted a fight, you'd contact Barron directly and meet up. You won't. Everyone knows that you and the crew you roll with are a bunch of pussies.

  5. No one said you were a violent but job. You're just a bi polar narcissistic but job who threatens people over the internet and gets your ass kicked on the street. Everyone knows what you really are outside of your little circle jerk.

  6. You only challenged Barron after he posted on the event page for Roley's seminar that he wasn't going to be able to make it. You made your challenge knowing for certain that there was no way Barron was going to be there. I don't see you challenging Don Roley to anything, dick-tucker.

    You know you can't fight. You want to *talk* about fighting, but you don't want to actually prove it. You begged and begged Barron to set up a sanctioned MMA match. When he went and did just that you found an excuse not to show. Now you're begging and begging for an illegal street fight with a guy who won't be there... and you know that too. And I predict you'll never approve this comment because you're a coward who fears the truth most of all.

    Tuck that dick, Ron. Tuck it! TUCK IT!

  7. Funny thing Martin my troll acount stalker to scared to use a real name. I never saw Barron say he couldn't make it. Now I thought, according to Don Roley Barron already paid to je there... Hotel and airfare etc.

    But, I said all anyone had to do & I even but this in all bold letters abovr "ANYONE" has to do is call me out. Seems Barry tucked dick and ran away? Any links to when Barry said he wouldn't be there? I mean we can compare time and dates.

    If Roley wants a piece I am down all je has to do is step up... Plenty of neutral ground. lol

    1. Don Roley will actually just maim or kill you and spend maybe 6 calories of effort doing so. You sure have a deathwish.

    2. Then let him if he wants to step up, I have no problem with that either.

  8. http://kogaryuninjutsuint.blogspot.com/2016/10/ron-collins-more-black-dragon-ninjitsu.html?m=1

    Tuck that dick, Ronnie! TUCK IT!

  9. Yeah... Barron might want to check my Facebook... It took Barron 6 hours and 9 minutes to drop out of Lexington after I first brought it up in the comments...

    I will post a new blog with the screen shots but Bitch Titties Barron posted on Roley's page at 4:20 pm and I mentioned Lexington at 11:11am October 10th, the same day on my Open Letter to Barron Shepherd.

  10. No, hobbit boy, you are just dick-tucking. You'll never approve this comment because you are a coward, but we both know that YOU know you have no actual skill. You'll do anything possible to avoid ever actually fighting anyone for real, because you know you've never won a fight. The cops beat the crap out of you and you lied and claimed you won. Those two locals beat the shit out of you a couple years back and there was nothing you could do about it. You've never, EVER won a fight in your life. A tiny little midget like you couldn't be expected to win a fight anyway. And you're not going to start now.

    You've had your attention. Now you get to disappear back into obscurity. You won't be posting any videos. You won't be posting any more blogs that people will read. You're just going to be talking to yourself, really. You've had your last little burst of attention from the few people who still bother to respond to you, and now that's over. You had your chance for a fight and you passed. You're a dick-tucker, Ronnie, and everybody knows it from now on.

  11. Martin... Funny thing is I don't care what Barron says... He ducked out in 6 hours of me implying we could fight in Lexington. All it is, is I fell for the trap Barron never once responded to my mention of Lexington 6 hours before he tucked his lil picker and backed out...

    I am not going to lie and say everything is a go when I can't even get everything ready to ensure that I can keep my word.

  12. Oh I do say... In fact, I am saying Barron has been silent because he knows he pussed out. And you troll accounts can talk all the shit you want but image 1: me mentioning Lexington. Image 2: is just the rest of my comment. Image 3: is Barry bitch tits saying he can't make the Lexington event because he wants to fight November 19th. The time and date of those two comments is both on October 10th. My comment is at 11:11am and Barron's is a whole 6 hours and 9 minutes later.


    Makes it better since according to Roley Barron already paid for the Lexington event back in March. That is images 5 and 6 btw.

  13. Sure, dick-tucker. Keep telling yourself that.